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Waxing & Specialized Services

Body And Face Waxing

Removing hair with wax is extremely effective. It pulls out large sections of hair at a time, leaving behind velvety-smooth skin. Waxing results can last about two to eight weeks. Waxing also reduces the amount of hair in an area permanently. At Kinara, we use only the highest quality wax, providing a virtually pain-free experience.

In order to maintain your skin’s health, we are unable to perform waxing services on anyone using Accutane (currently or in the past three months), Retin-A or Alphahydroxy Acids (currently or in the past month), with sunburned skin, or anyone having undergone chemotherapy (currently or in the past three months) or recovering from a recent laser peel.


*For best results, facial waxing services should be done prior to facial appointments.



Full Leg with Bikini


Full Leg with Brazilian Bikini

$ 80

Full Leg

$ 55

Half Leg

$ 95

Half Leg with Bikini

$ 115

Half Leg with Brazilian Bikini

$ 50


$ 60

Deep Bikini

$ 75 & Up

Brazilian Bikini

$ 60

Full Arm

$ 45

Half Arm

$ 30


$ 18


$ 18

Upper Lip

$ 65

Full Face

$ 30

Sides of the Face

$ 50

Brow Shaping

$ 150

Brow Series of 6 Sessions

Men’s Waxing


$ 100

Men’s Brazilian

$ 100


$ 45


$ 50

Half Back

$ 50


$ 40


$ 30


$ 30


$ 45

Abdomen or Chest Trim


Essential Trio

$ 70

Thirty Minutes

Enjoy instant transformation with Kinara’s lash tint, brow tint, and brow maintenance package. We use only the finest Austrian vegetable dye to ensure mesmerizing lashes and brows. Because the ingredients are completely natural, this treatment is perfectly safe for sensitive eyes.

Specialized Services


Specialized Services

$ 35

Eyelash Tinting

$ 25

Eyebrow Tinting